Saturday, July 7, 2018

July and Stuff

I really don't go to Manila much anymore. I admit, it's gotten quite physically difficult for me to do so, and every time it's a great expense because we always have to rent a van. Commuting via bus is now simply out of the question. I feel bad because I miss so many events I would otherwise would like to attend. I'd like to attend more Komikons and Komikets and so forth. But right now I can only go the the November Komikon, and that's it.

But tomorrow is an exception. Comic Odyssey has released our newest high profile book, Captain America #1 with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Yu, which I am inking. It's actually kind of a big deal. Sandy of Comic Odyssey has scheduled a signing for us tomorrow at Robinson's Galleria at one in the afternoon. It's been almost a year since I did one of these signings for CO. I actually kind of missed it. It's always nice to see Sandy and Rowena and all the CO staff. It's always nice to see my old buddy Leinil and that big bunch of regular readers I see so often at things like this.

My walking hasn't really improved or degraded in the last couple of years, but I've taken to use a wheelchair whenever I go up and about at malls, just so I can conserve my energy. I can still walk, but the pain in my knees makes me tired so quickly. With the wheelchair, I don't have to get so tired. I'm really bummed about it. For many years I've walked so far and so long that I've taken it for granted. I wish I could walk normally again. I've started doing some exercises to first ease the pain in the knees and after a while, I hope it becomes a permanent cure. Fingers crossed!

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