Saturday, June 27, 2015

Are You Just Being Selfish?

There are a lot of countries now that have legalized gay marriage, including the US. It’s cause for celebration for a lot of people, and also a cause for despair, disappointment and anger in other people. The question is why?

If you are a Catholic, or Baptist (or any kind of religion that doesn’t support gay marriage), the legalization of gay marriage doesn’t automatically mean that gay marriage will suddenly be allowed in your church. Of course not. It will still not be allowed, and it will still only honor “traditional” marriage between man and and a woman. For you, nothing will really change. NOTHING.

So how does the legalization of gay marriage affect you? It doesn’t, and it shouldn’t.

But why are you angry, indignant, disappointed and all those things?

Why do you want to dictate how other people live?

Have you considered the possibility that you are simply selfish? Because why would you care about what OTHER people do?

Why would you want to deprive them of the benefits of a legal marriage that YOU have always enjoyed?

1. You want to deprive other people of being “next of kin” when it comes to medical benefits.

2. You want to deny inheritance rights if their partner dies.

3. You want to deny them joint home insurance and other kinds of insurance.

4. You want to deny them the right to legally protect each other in court cases.

5. You want to deny them benefits (such as leave, social security, insurance etc) in case their partner dies.

There are so many other rights you enjoy right now that you want to deprive other people simply because you are personally offended by how they live their lives. Think about how “right” that is. If you are a Christian, would you call that attitude kind? Charitable? Compassionate? Loving? Understanding?

I wouldn’t. I call it selfish.

If I may give any kind of advice, worry about your marriage, your morality and your life first, before worrying about other people’s lives.