Hello! I am Gerry Alanguilan, known elsewhere as Doroteo Gerardo N. Alanguilan Jr., a Filipino comic book writer, artist and publisher. I’m an Architect by profession, and a member of the San Pablo Chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines. However, I prefer to be a storyteller through the creation of comic books.

I have written and/or drawn comics like Wasted, Timawa, Lastik-Man, Crest Hut Butt Shop, Johnny Balbona, Humanis Rex!, Where Bold Stars Go To Die, Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby and ELMER. The latter three I published from through my own Komikero Publishing. ELMER was eventually picked up by SLG Publishing for publication Internationally in 2010. Editions Ca Et La at the same time released a French Translation in Europe.

I have also been an inker of comics for DC, Marvel and Image, and I have worked with Leinil Francis Yu and Whilce Portacio on titles like Wolverine, X-men, X-Force, Superman, Batman, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Wetworks, Grifter, High Roads, Silent Dragon, Ultimate Avengers: Crime and Punishment, Superior, Ultimate Avengers Vs New Ultimates: Death of Spider-Man, Indestructible Hulk, and Star Wars.

I have also adapted and illustrated various short stories by classic authors for Graphic Classics including “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Judge’s House” by Bram Stoker, “The Plague of Ghosts” by Rafael Sabatini and many more.

I’m also very interested in promoting and preserving the artwork created by the many great Filipino comics illustrators of our past. I'm currently fixing my old komiks museum and hopefully it will be up soon. I have a bricks and mortar komiks museum that's located here in San Pablo City. You can find more info about that komiks museum here.

And yes, this is also ME.

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Contact me at gerryalanguilan at gmail dot com

My CV, as of November 2019


The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Doctor Rizal (Writer, Artist, Publisher), Work in progress.

X-Men (inker), Marvel Comics, 2019
Captain America (inker), Marvel Comics, 2018
Bakokak (publisher, writer, cover inker and colorist), Komikero Publishing, 2017
Phoenix: Resurrection #1 (inker), Marvel Comics, 2017
Secret Empire (inker), Marvel Comics, 2017
Monsters Unleashed #3 (inker), Marvel Comics, 2016
Star Wars #16-19 (inker), Marvel Comics, 2016
Darth Vader Annual #1 (inker), Marvel Comics, 2016
Unforgettable Vacation (writer, artist), Le Monde, 2015
Civil War 2 (inker), Marvel Comics, 2015
Inhumans Vs. X-men (Inker), Marvel Comics, 2105
Crest Hut Butt Shop#4 (Writer, Artist, Publisher), Komikero Comics, 2015
Axis (inker), Marvel Comics, 2014
Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby (Writer, Publisher), Komikero Comics, 2014
Avengers (Inker), Marvel Comics, 2013
WASTED: 2013 Edition (Writer, Artist), Komikero Publishing
Indestructible Hulk #1-5(Inker), Marvel Comics, 2012-2013
AVX VS #5 (Inker), Marvel Comics, 2012
Darna Lives! (Writer) webcomic, 2012
Supercrooks (Inker) 2011-2012
Fantastic Four #600 (Inker), Marvel Comics, 2011
SUPERIOR (Inker), Marvel Comics/ICON, 2010-2011

Ultimate Avengers Vs. New Ultimates: Death of Spiderman, Marvel Comics, 2011
ELMER (Writer, Artist) SLG Publishing, November 2010
ELMER, French Edition (Writer, Artist), Editions Ca Et La, November 2010
Umlauts and Atom Bombs, Komikero Publishing, 2010
Ultimate Comics Avengers (Inker), Marvel Comics, 2009-2010
ELMER (Writer, Artist, Publisher), Komikero Publishing, 2006-2009
Where Bold Stars Go To Die (Writer, Publisher), Komikero Publishing, 2009
Komikero Comics Anthology (Writer, Artist), Komikero Publishing/Jonas Diego Inc., 2009
The Life and Art of Francisco V. Coching (Essay, Consultant), Vibal Publishing, 2009
The First One Hundred Years of Philippine Comics and Cartoons (Consultant), Yonzon Associates, 2009
Franscisco V. Coching’s EL INDIO (Digital Restorer), Vibal Publishing, 2009
SIM (Writer, Artist), Underpass, Summit Publishing, 2009
TIMAWA (Writer, Artist), The Buzz Magasin, ABS-CBN publishing, 2007-2009
Love Hurts (Writer, Artist), Liquid City, Image Comics, 2008
Ninoy Aquino Illustration, (Artist), Ninoy: Art and Essays collected by Jiggy Aquino-Cruz, 2008

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” (Artist), Graphic Classics, 2008
San Dig, 1944, Croatian Translation (Writer, Artist), Q Magazine, 2007
Humanis Rex! (Writer, Artist), Fudge Magazine, 2005-2007
Crest Hut Butt Shop, (Self published), 1997-2007
Rafael Sabatini’s “Plague of Ghosts” (Artist) Graphic Classics, 2006
Silent Dragon (Inker), Wildstorm/DC Comics, 2006
Will Eisner Illustration (Artist) Comic Book Artist Magazine, 2006
Batman/Danger Girl (Inker), Wildstorm/DC Comics, 2005
San Pablo, 1978 (Writer, Artist), Siglo: Passion, Nautilus Comics, 2005
Johnny Balbona (Writer, Artist), Mango Comics, 2004-2005
O. Henry’s “The Furnished Room” (Artist), Graphic Classics, 2005
Bram Stoker’s “The Judges House” (Artist), Graphic Classics, 2004
Lastikman (Writer), Mango Comics, 2004
Last Meow (Writer, Artist), Prophecy Anthology, 2004
San Dig, 1944 (Writer, Artist), Siglo: Freedom, Nautilus Comics, 2003
Superman: Birthright (Inker), DC Comics, 2003-2004

Superman Illustration (Inker), DC Comics, Adventures of Superman #600, 2002
High Roads (Inker) Wildstorm/DC Comics, 2002
WASTED Final Edition (Writer, Artist), Pulp Magazine, 2004
Jack London Illustration (Artist), Graphic Classics, 2002
HP Lovecraft Illustration (Artist), Graphic Classics, 2002
Ochlocrat (Artist), Conspiracy Comics, 2002
New X-men Annual 2001 (Inker), Marvel Comics, 2001
Fantastic Four Annual 2001 (Inker), Marvel Comics, 2001
Taxman (Cover Artist), Conspiracy Comics, 2001
Tales of the Big City (Writer, Artist) Pulp Magazine, 2000
WASTED Serialized (Writer, Artist), Pulp Magazine, 2000
X-Force (Inker), Marvel Comics, 1999-2000
Wolverine (Inker), Marvel Comics, 1997-1998
WASTED Collected (Writer, Artist), Alamat Comics, 1998
The Dead Heart Stories: The Promise (Writer, Artist), Mirror Magazine, 1997
The Dead Heart Stories: Blood Brothers (Writer, Publisher) Deranged Comics, 1997
Wildstorm Presents (Inker), Wildstorm/Image, 1997
Heroes Reborn: Iron Man (Inker), Marvel Comics, 1996
Hazard (Inker), Wildstorm/Image, 1996
The Dead Heart Stories: July 16 (Writer, Artist, Publisher), Deranged Comics, 1996
Grifter(Inker), Wildstorm/Image, 1996
Wetworks (Inker), Wildstorm/Image, 1996
Wetworks Trading Cards (Inker), Wildstorm/Image, 1996
WASTED, (Writer, Artist, Publisher), Deranged Comics, 1994-1996
Aster: The Last Celestial Knight (Inker, Illustrator), Entity Comics, 1995
Harriers (Inker), Entity Comics, 1995

Alien (Writer, Artist), Terror Komiks, Mass Media, 1992
Hiwaga ng Buddha (Artist), Terror Komiks, Mass Media, 1992
Ang Bahay ni Mang Karding (Writer, Artist), UZI Magazine, Mass Media, 1992
Dracula’s Wives (Writer, Artist), UZI Magazine, Mass Media, 1992
Props (Artist), Terror Komiks, Mass Media, 1992


Panelist, Philippine Comics, College of St. Benilde, November 2009
Lecturer, Comics Storytelling, Metro Comic-Con, Megamall, August, 2009
Lecturer, Philippine Comics History, Philippine High School for the Arts, Los Baños, February 2009
Instructor, Comics Illustration, College of St. Benilde, Manila 2007-2008
Panelist, Philippine Comics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, November 2008
Lecturer, Philippine Comics History, University of the Philippines, Los Baños, March 2008
Lecturer, Philippine Comics History, University of the Philippines, Iloilo, February 2008
Speaker, Philippine Comics, Pasko ng Komiks, University of the Philippines, December 2007
Lecturer, Philippine Comics History, Lopez Museum, October, 2007
Panelist, Philippine Comics, Read or Die Convention, Makati, February 2007
Lecturer, Philippine Comics History, University of Sto. Tomas, February 2007


United Architects of the Philippines, San Pablo Chapter, Member 1994-present
Philippine International Cartoons, Comics and Animation (PICCA), Board Member, 2009-2010
Asian-Pacific Animation and Comics Association, Member, 2009-2010
Komikero Publishing, Owner, 2004-present


-Ani ng Dangal for Visual Arts – Malacañang, Manila 2012
-Winner (For Elmer) Quai des Bulles – Ouest France 2011, St. Malo, France
-Winner, Best Asian Album (For Elmer), Prix-Asie ACBD, France 2011
-Nominee, Best New Album (For Elmer), Will Eisner Industry Awards, USA, 2011
-Global Pinoy Awardee, SM Calamba, 2011
-Gawad Pinakamaningninig na Alagad ng Sining (Visual Arts), 2010
-Outstanding San Pableño for Visual Arts, 2010


Activities to promote and spread awareness of Philippine comics, not only of its rich history, but also the medium itself as a legitimate and true form of art.

Curator: Komikero Comics Museum, San Pablo City, 2016-2019
Co-organizer, San Pablo Comics Festival 2003, 2009
Blogger, Philippine Comics (http://www.komikero.com), 1998-2019
Led online protest against Carlo J. Caparas as National Artist for Visual Arts, 2009


Video Blogging Advocate:
Online video creation ( http://youtube.com/komikero ) involving short films, video blogs, documentaries, interviews, cooking recipes, travelogs, art tips, art demonstrations, and other fun things.
Creator of “Hey, Baby” video as seen on Tosh.0, The Graham Norton Show, The Russell Howard Show, etc., 2010

Organizer, Komikero Artists Group:
Informal group of comics artists and enthusiasts who meet every last Sunday of the month at Sampalok Lake in San Pablo City.


Licensed Architect (PRC #10507) as of 1990

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
University of Sto. Tomas, College of Architecture and Fine Arts
España, Manila

San Beda High School

San Beda Grade School
Grade 5-Grade 6

Canossa College
Kinder-Grade 4