Thursday, September 13, 2018

Original Art Price Adjustment

I have an ongoing Original Inked Art for sale page which can be found here:

I'm pretty much letting go of all my original inked art. I cannot possibly put them all in the gallery so if there's anything you're looking for, please email my agent (and wife) Ilyn at

For a long time I have offered my pages at a very low price range. Low compared to how pages like this are sold in the US. Many pros have already informed me that I'm selling my pages too low and I reasoned that I really am selling these at those prices so Filipinos can better afford them. Most of those who are buying my pages lately are from outside the country though, and my original reasoning doesn't really make much business sense, in hindsight. I'm happy to have shared a lot of my pages for inexpensive prices for many years, but I think it's time to adjust my prices to reflect the real value of these pages.

I do have to thank all those who have bought pages from me in the past. Your business has been very much appreciated.