Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Captain America

As much as I enjoy putting back my online museum together, I also find as much enjoyment inking over Leinil Yu for Marvel. Our project this time around is Captain America, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. I inked all 31 pages of the first issue, three pages of issue #2 and now I'm currently inking issue #3.

I didn't ink all of the second issue because I was hospitalized for what turned out to be ulcer. I had been bleeding inside, losing so much blood that I needed at least three transfusions a week. But I was losing more blood than I was transfusing that my life was actually endangered. I got treatment for it real quick and within a short time the bleeding stopped and my blood levels normalized. It was quite a relief. Still, I had to rest for a couple of weeks before I was OK to start working again.

Leinil and I will have a signing for Captain America #1 at Comic Odyssey (branch to be determined). Sandy hasn't finalized a schedule yet but once he does, I'll post about it here. I'll be bringing pages from this issue for sale, as well as Captain America FCBD 2018, one page of which, I think, will be raffled off to one lucky customer.

It's not often I get to attend signings anymore so bring all of your stuff for me to sign. :)