Wednesday, July 25, 2018


That's our dog Bugel, who had been with us since 2014, just a couple of months after my mom had passed away. Bugel was a gift to us. We wouldn't have been able to afford a Golden Retriever otherwise. Bugel grew up so quickly but in spirit she remains a puppy. She still thinks she is one and thinks she's still as light as she once was and believes we can still lift her. But it's so hard now haha! She's so heavy!

When my dad passed away earlier this year, Bugel got distemper from... somewhere. And it crippled her. We were crushed. When the vet was here there was talk of putting both Bugel and Lucy down but I vehemently protested. No matter what happens, we will not put our dogs down, I said. Lucy, who got distemper earlier, actually got better after a few months. She's no longer hitting walls, and she can now walk and run as she used to. Even Bugel, who had been crippled for so long, showed signs she could walk again, but it seems she had been  keeping it from us. She likes to look sad and pathetic when we're around so we feel sorry for her. Apparently she likes that because feeling sorry for her includes lots of petting.What a smart dog.

But we caught her walking one time after being guided and let go and when she realized she was walking on her own and we were looking, she collapsed and looked at us with those wide pleading eyes. Now she can't hide it anymore, so she's starting to walk more often. The other day she even ran! But she got tired so easily. I give her a month or two months more and she'll be her walking and running self all over again! I'm sure of it!

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