Saturday, July 28, 2018

Encouraging Creativity at the Comics Festival

Every passing months brings us closer to the 4th San Pablo Comics Festival! To those curious, yes, it's a 100% go! We will be opening slots for exhibitors very soon, but first, we need to talk about something if you are interested in participating.

One of the big goals of the festival is to encourage creativity and originality among artists. We want you to create your own characters. We want you to have that experience of creating something of your own and pushing it so that it becomes a source of income.

In line with that goal, we want to encourage you to create your own characters that you will use for your prints, stickers, postcards, shirts and other merchandise. As such, we shall actively discourage and disallow the use of characters you did not create. You cannot use characters like Wolverine or Cyclops from Marvel. You cannot use characters like Batman or Wonder Woman from DC. The only exception we will make is if you have permission from those companies to use those characters for your merch. You can contact each company through the links below:



We will be enforcing this rule rather strictly and we will be assigning people to check on your merch regularly. If you bring merch to sell that are copyrighted, we would require the proper paperwork that proves you are legally allowed to do so. We're sorry if this causes a problem for you, but all of us who organize the Festival are one in encouraging people to respect intellectual property. By this we respect everyone's intellectual property, specially yours.

If this is a rule that you cannot, in your own good conscience abide with, we would suggest you no longer participate to prevent any future problems, and just join the 99% other events that allow the use of copyrighted characters.

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