Saturday, November 4, 2017

Reviving and Collecting My Entire Blog Archive

All day yesterday I was thinking about what to do with my blog archive, which extends way back to 1997. I thought since this website is already housed on blogger, I thought I'd just migrate everything here, one post at a time. This is quite a  huge task, requiring perhaps weeks of hard work if I do it non stop. I guess I'll just revive one post at a time when I have the time. And later on, perhaps I'll take some assistants to help me. Because I have been quite the yapper and I've just written online so much.

The challenge is that my blog archive at the original site has gone down and I have no back up. Good thing the Internet has my back and has archived much of my blog on Goodreads, on and on an old Komikero blogger site. So I will be migrating my entries  from those places one at a time here to this site until all of it is here. I hope to God blogger doesn't go down or else I'll just shoot myself. No I won't. But it would still be a bummer.

I've started with one of the very last posts on my old site before it went down. Check it out here.

One post down. A thousand or so more to go.

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