Saturday, November 18, 2017

Almost Calm

I've been very busy the past month it was kind of hectic. There were my two deadlines, plus Komikon, plus the furious updates on this website with the archiving of old blog posts and putting up web comics. It actually kind of wiped me out because by the second day of the Komikon was very ready to just collapse. I took a couple of days to take it easy. I guess that's enough time for me because I was starting to get really uneasy not doing anything productive. I'm so glad I'm back to inking now. I have a new project with Leinil Yu which is actually kind of hard to describe, or even say a title. It's not just one issue, but a bunch of pages concentrating on one character across many issues. It's interesting working on several titles at once. Some VERY interesting titles.

It isn't as hectic today. I've managed to calm down a bit. Relaxing, inking, surfing the net, playing this online video game called "Awakening Kingdoms". It's not a tense game to play, unlike things like Crimsonland. It's a game that actually never ends. It just goes on and on. It's a free game, but if you want the game to progress faster than it's normal leisurely rate, that's when you throw in the money. But I'm not interested in blasting through this game. Playing it slow works perfectly for me. I get to play an hour, maybe less, in a single day. And that's just enough.

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