Saturday, February 15, 2014


Traffic. I hate it. I stay at home in San Pablo most of the time, not wanting to ever go back to Manila because I just hate traffic. But look at me today… I’m going to Manila on what is probably the worst time to go. Because of the INC and their Metro walk, I expect traffic to be hell today. You know, fund raising for Yolanda is a fantastic thing. We did it last year, raising almost 1 million pesos just staying in ONE ROOM and not bothering anybody not causing any traffic and not being an inconvenience to people. INC wants to raise funds (which is admirable), but closing roads inconveniencing thousands and thousands of people at the same time is just inconsiderate.

I have to go to Manila today because I’ll be accompanying Ilyn to UP Diliman and then later in the day go to UST for a homecoming. Our Architecture batch 89 is the host so we have to be there. And that’s another thing. Homecomings. I don’t mind batch reunions. In fact, I like going to those. But these homecomings include batches from other college departments and other years and these people are just complete strangers to me. I have nothing at all in common with them aside from the fact that we went to UST at some point in our lives. Why am I getting together with them? What do I have to share with them? Nothing. Nothing at all. I don’t know them. I don’t care about them, and I’m sure they don’t care about me.

However, I am looking forward to seeing my classmates. Since we’re the hosts, we have a large group attending, which was at last count was almost 50. So that’s practically a batch reunion right there. I had to go to SM yesterday and buy something yellow to wear. I had to go and buy something because I absolutely have nothing yellow in my closet. Yellow is just not my color. I don’t wear it. But for this homecoming I had to buy a yellow shirt. I found one that was actually quite nice. I just might wear it to Summer Komikon.

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