Thursday, February 13, 2014


Back in the old days before the Internet, I had a diary. In addition to that, I was sending letters to a lot of people both locally and abroad. I was spending a lot of time just writing on paper. When the Internet came all that changed. Unfortunately. I could not deny that the instant communication offered by the Internet was incredibly appealing. However, I have come to miss the thrill of receiving hand written letters from friends in the mail. Somehow, receiving an email isn’t as thrilling.

Transporting the diary online though, became kind of tricky. Diaries were supposed to be private. Bringing it online where people (and strangers) can read it was kind of weird. Certainly you couldn’t write an online diary as honestly as a private diary. But I did it anyway. I began writing online diaries long before there were things like blogger. I did it all on html and uploaded each page myself via FTP. I was more forthcoming with personal things back then. There came a time when it became less personal, and more like well… PROMOTION. I recognized the fact that people do read my online journal and I took advantage of that to sell them stuff. Being in comics with stories to tell, it’s an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up.

So I will continue to do it, but hopefully not at the expense of more personal posts. I see myself doing more of that soon. You have probably noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot in this blog. That’s probably because I’ve been struggling about what to write. I’ve been concerned about you know, perpetuating the idea that this is a comics blog and that it should be a place where information about comics can be read. Maybe I should just get back to why I started writing this online journal in the first place. It was supposed to be a place where I can just share my thoughts and what I’m doing.

I guess I’ve been doing that a lot on Twitter instead. But you know Twitter, you can only say so much. And I’m a verbose kind of guy. So I will be writing a lot more stuff here. If you’re the TLDR kind, then sucks to be you then. And if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t really read and in the end asks questions that’s plainly answered by the post ONLY IF YOU READ IT, then I just won’t answer you. Again, sucks to be you.

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