Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saving the Komiks Industry Should Never be the Goal

Beyond Komikon: Young creators bring komiks to life

Just a few years ago, many people were stumped on how to revive the Komiks industry. Here on this blog, I said that we should stop dreaming of ever expecting komiks to go back to the old golden days where komiks sold in the millions and it was everywhere to be found. Sadly, unless someone with millions of cash invests in publishing and distributing komiks nationwide, those days are never gonna come again.

But that doesn’t mean Philippine comics is DEAD.

Never believe any idiot who will tell you that today. Pinoy Komiks is alive and well. Their number may pale in comparison to how it was in the old days, but they’re there, nevertheless. And it is an industry that is growing with each passing year. The resurgence of Philippine made comics was not some brainchild of some guy who thought, “HEY, I’m going to revive the komiks industry!” It was not planned by a committee or any komiks congress. It didn’t come from legislation, directive or any kind of help at all from the Philippine government.

It came from a generation of comic book fans who love comics, and who love creating comics.
Do you think most of those who create comics in that link above do it primarily for the money? Because they thought comics was going to make them rich? Hardly! These comics are coming out because these guys are passionate about comics. Passionate about creating their own comics. I’m sure none of them had the primary goal of “REVIVING THE KOMIKS INDUSTY”. They just wanted to create comics. And so many creators wanted to create comics that a lot of new comics are created every passing year. And every passing year, the quality of these comics are improving and improving.
And along the way, the Komiks Industry was revived without people even realizing it. And that is how it should be. Never make it a goal. Just create comics, GOOD comics, and these things will follow.

I remember one idiot who said that komiks cannot be revived through love. Hey, look at me. This is me, LAUGHING AT YOU.

Over the years I’ve had so many detractors and naysayers. It’s all right to have an opposing opinion of course, I don’t mind that. But I’ve also come to realize that it’s probably better to ignore people who are out to do nothing but put me down. It’s no use debating them, it’s no use talking to them. Whatever I say, they would say anything back just to contradict me. Yeah, ignoring these people did me lots of good and guess what?

I was eventually proven right.