Monday, November 26, 2012

Rogue December Issue Comics Article Rebuttal (UDPATED!)

The December issue of Rogue Magazine carries with it a one page comic strip depicting a short history of Philippine Comics. In it, the writer asserts that Carlo J. Caparas was responsible for the rise of independent comics like my Elmer and Carlo Vergara’s ZsaZsa Zaturnnah.

This is absolutely, any utterly UNTRUE.

Carlo J. Caparas had NOTHING to do with the rise of the Philippine Independent Komiks Industry. NOTHING AT ALL. I don’t know where this writer even got this idea because it is just absolutely RIDICULOUS.

To further validate this, I’ve started to put together, with the help of the many independent komiks creators stretching back to 1993, a comprehensive timeline of significant events and publishing history of the new Pinoy Komiks, where one can see clearly this was all happening without Carlo J. Caparas.

The main purpose of the timeline however, aside from setting the record straight, is to document and archive and to fully cement in history, the accomplishments of modern day Filipino komiks creators.

If you are a Filipino komiks creator who have published comics here in the Philippines from 1993 onward, please send me an email at gerryalanguilan at yahoo dot com with the subject line “Komiks Timeline”. Please include the Title, Date of Publication, Publisher and list of creators.

I will be posting this timeline sometime early December.

Here is the response from Rogue Magazine:

I applaud Budjette’s efforts to reach out to Rogue, and while it’s good that we got some kind of response, I feel it’s not good enough. Hopefully, there will be an erratum in the next issue.

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