Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Electrical Conundrum

Electricity has been very unstable recently due to the weather. I used to have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) attached to my computer, but since that thing gave out, all that’s standing between my computer and the naked socket is a voltage regulator.

But since Voltage Regulators just, well, regulate, I’ve had to buy a new UPS so that I can protect my already struggling 5 year old computer from shutting off when the power flickers.

Ok, so this is my set up. From the naked socket a voltage regulator is plugged. The UPS is then plugged to the voltage regulator. The computer is then plugged to the UPS. Should be fine right? I test it by closing the voltage regulator. The UPS kicks and in and beeps. But the computer is unaffected! It’s still on! I turn the voltage regulator back on.

Now the electricity flickers again for a split second. It shouldn’t affect my computer right? But inexplicably, the computer shuts off. The UPS acts like nothing happened. It didn’t flash any battery lights nor did it make a sound.

OK you techie guys out there. How is this electrical conundrum possible? Because I’m ready to take a sledgehammer and break things here.

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