Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elmer Gift Set Batch 1

The first batch of Elmer Gift Sets will be delivered today. Yes, we’d rather prefer to hand these sets directly to those who bought them rather then send them via courier. We don’t want to take the chance that it they will be lost, and that I feel it’s much better to meet with those who will receive them.

I haven’t personalized any of the sets yet because I want to make sure that they will be there to receive it. There is the possibility that one or two might back out, and I would have a tough time selling it to someone else if I had already personalized it to other people.

So to those who had confirmed, see you all later at our secret undisclosed location at our secret undisclosed time.

We’ll be preparing the second batch soon. We have decided to put together no more than TWENTY sets together, and no more beyond that. There is still a chance that you can get a copy for yourself because a few people have have decided to relinquish their reservations.

Ilyn and I have decided to price each set at P2,500 pesos. Yes, it is expensive, but we believe it’s only commensurate to the unique nature of these sets.

To review, each set contains the following:

*A hardcover hand bound collection of ELMER #1-4, bound in a manner resembling Elmer Gallo’s Diary. Due to the availability of paper used, not all bound books are alike in color and texture. These are not new printings. We used the 1st print copies of individual issues of Elmer #1-#4.

*5.5″x8.5″ Original illustration in pen and ink. No two illustrations are alike.

*Facsimile of a page from Elmer Gallo’s original diary.

*Facsimile of a clipping of Elmer Gallo’s “Chicken Scratchings” newspaper column.

*Five 4″x6″ Gallo family photographs

*CD containing “Chicken Joy: Documentary of Elmer and Its Creator” video documentary created by Edgar Tadeo.

*Certificate of Authenticity signed by Ilyn and myself.

*A hand crafted two level nested box that puts everything together in one neat package. As pictures indicate, not all boxes will look alike in color and texture due also to the availability of paper.

*Plus a bonus complete set of Seven San Pablo City postcards published by Komikero Publishing in 2004. Not related to Elmer, but what the heck.

Oh yeah, each book contains a blank page specifically for personalization. I can write anything there that you would like. I can even sketch something. Each book HAS to be personalized to you or to someone you will give it too. We will not be selling any set that will not be personalized to a particular individual.

It is still possible to get a set. If you’re still interested and agree to the terms, please send an email to gerryalanguilan at yahoo dot com and I will put you on the list.

To all those who have already sent in their requests, thanks very much for the support!

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