Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Screwy Weather

Hot damn its still raining like crazy. In Christmas time too! I believe it's the very first time it was ever this rainy on Christmas here. 2 years ago it rained a lot too and it depressed me so bad. Christmas was not supposed to be like that. Sad to say, this is the first year in my life when I didn't feel as Christmasy as I used to. There are times I've been such a grinch, such a Scrooge and I didn't like it. There were many people who lost their jobs at this time of year, myself included. I'm not too worried though. I've been jobless before and I've always bounced back. I'm more worried about just what the hell is going on with the weather. It's all screwed up the world over. And just this morning I heard from the TV that a 50-meter asteroid nearly hit us last night. And nobody saw it coming. 

Things aren't so bleak, I think. I mean, I'm still here. I can still draw, I can still write. I still have all my senses. I guess all I need to concentrate on just living, instead of worrying about things that are beyond my control. Just keep on drawing. I'm currently drawing studies for a comic proposal called CAST IRON, which is my personal idea of Iron Man. Once I get something done, I'll post it here.


Finally caught that damned rat. I was gonna buy traps today, but my mom scattered poison inside the house last night and this morning, the thing winds up dead right on our kitchen sink. Good riddance. That thing was a real pest. He gnawed on slippers, broke in on anything that contained food, hid rags, and started nibbling on our windows. What a monster.

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