Monday, December 25, 2000

Christmas Morning

Well, it's Christmas morning now. 8:30 something. But believe it or not, I woke up at 6. I don't feel like eating because I probably ate too much at last night's Noche Buena. Man, that Excellente Ham is excellent!! Everyone ought to try it out. I wanted to bake some chicken last night but was frustrated when our oven won't light. I'm so paranoid when I'm lighting our oven because I'm always afraid that the thing will blow up on me. When the thing still did not light after wasting a whole box of matches, I decided to look in the back and much to my horror, I saw that gas hose had been gnawed through by a rat. That damn rat. It's been such a pest for the past couple of weeks. This means war. As soon as I'm able, I'll be buying a couple of rat traps and I'm gonna be doing some killing this fine Christmas season.

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