Thursday, May 24, 2018

Komiks Museum Updates

There have been massive updates to the Komiks Museum since my last post. I've so far uploaded galleries by 9 Golden Age artists, 1 Modern Age Artist and 1 Indie Age writer.

Golden Age galleries currently up:

Francisco V. Coching
Abe Ocampo
Nestor Redondo
Alex NiƱo
Tony De Zuniga
Rudy Florese
Elpidio E. Torres
Fred Carrillo
Alfredo Alcala

Just click here and click on their names.

Modern Age gallery:

Whilce Portacio

Indie Age gallery

Budjette Tan

And with that, I take a break and work on comic book stuff. I will come back and add more galleries, but my priority at the moment will be Golden Age ones. Modern Age and Indie Age creators have plenty of opportunity to promote themselves and many of them have sizable presences online so information on them won't be so hard to find. I have to upload more galleries of artists who are probably too old, or have already passed on and would be unable to promote themselves.

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