Saturday, July 8, 2017

Good Days

I consider December to January earlier this year to be bad days. For the past couple of months or so I consider them to be good days. I was able to go to a signing at Comic Odyssey middle of June for Secret Empire #4 and Sandy, CO's owner said I looked good. I felt good too, to be honest. It was the

best I felt this year so far. I'm really happy that the good days are lasting this time around. I was able to work OK, finish my deadlines, do some cooking and Ilyn and I are even going out now for long walks at the lake, something we've not done in a long time.

We were able to watch Wonder Woman (an excellent movie) and I really can't wait to watch Spider-Man.

Last weekend I met with the Indie Komiks Podcast guys Ardie Aquino, Mel Casipit, Gioseppe Custodio and Giosdesk Guiao at the Komiks Museum where I was guest at two of their videos. We discussed the stuff I've been up to and of course, the museum itself.

Later, they all came to the house where we all just hung out and gossiped about the goings on in the local komiks scene. Lots of stuff that I can't imagine writing about here, but perhaps I will.

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