Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I'm thankful I'm even able to write this now. I almost died this morning. I'm not even joking. I was at the hospital for a regular procedure but a nurse made a mistake, a rather big one and it nearly killed me. My blood pressure plummeted, I started to sweat profusely, I had difficulty breathing and my eyesight was slowly going dark. Ilyn was panicking and crying. It was so hard to breathe and speak and reassure her, but I couldn't even reassure myself. I was scared too. I knew what had happened and how possibly fatal that mistake could be. I didn't want to go, I thought. I still had pages to ink! I had a deadline! But that was me trying to find some humor in the situation, but it was dead serious. I could really go. For real. I fought really hard to stay because I didn't want to go. I still have so much to do. Ilyn and I still have so much life to share. But I also realized that there are things that are just beyond my control.

Thankfully, a senior nurse came in and practically saved my life. I'm so thankful to him. Thankful that I'm still here. Thankful that Ilyn and I are still together. I spent the afternoon resting and by the evening I was well enough to do some work. It seems that this deadline won't get the better of me after all.

Thanks Wendell Desaluna. I owe you my life. Thanks to Rizelle Serrano for the emotional support. I'm really lucky to have you guys in my life.

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