Tuesday, December 27, 2016

End of 2016

Here I am facing the end of 2016 straddled with pneumonia. I think, at least I feel like, I'm getting better. With pneumonia, you really don't know. It's not like the flu which lasts a week at the most. This just goes on and on. Although the worst symptoms have burned themselves out within the first two weeks, you feel bad for a long time after that. With a danger of recurring, which is exactly what happened to me this middle of December. I first had it October of 2014. I didn't feel 100% OK until around July 2015. This on top of my other current medical condition. It may sound like it's so miserable, and to be honest, the first two weeks of pneumonia is really just that... miserable. I'm getting out of that two weeks right now and I find I'm well enough to write a blog entry. I haven't been to FB much. I'm on Twitter a little bit more and hardly on Instagram. I'll be getting active again there soon, i hope. I know people have messaged and emailed me and sorry If I was unable, still unable to reply.

Superthanks to my wife Ilyn for being the super wife and super friend for taking care of me in this time when I could not. Our relationship is certainly proving our marriage is truly through sickness and in health. I hope to share lots of the latter with her soon. I think we've both just had enough of the former.

Thanks to my pal Leinil Yu for having my back, for being understanding. Thanks to my editors at Marvel for letting me continue inking our current book, allowing me time to recover. That really means a lot.

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