Thursday, March 6, 2014

Digital Comics and Komikero Publishing

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth reiterating. I can definitely see the future of comics as being predominantly digital. It’s inevitable, I think. I’ve had so many offers from local and international companies to digitize my comics stories for distribution on mobile gadgets. I have made my concessions with digital by offering a lot of my work online, mostly for free. Wasted remains free to read online, along with a lot of my other work.

I’m no longer interested in debating the issue. I’ve had my fair share of “discussion” about this in the past. I’ve heard all the arguments and you know what? I throw up my hands and say all the arguments for digital comics are completely valid. You wont find me ranting and railing against it, because that would just be counterproductive. And futile.

But as far as Komikero Publishing is concerned, I will continue to do comics in print, and I will continue to resist translating most of my work into digital.

I know that the goal of any storyteller is to share his stories with as much people as possible, and digital is certainly a big way of doing it. I reach a far greater audience online than I do with print.

But you know, to me it’s more than just sharing stories and art. It’s about sharing an “experience”. That experience of holding a comic book in your hands. I think that it’s an experience that’s valuable and important, and that as human beings, it’s something that we should never lose.

As the world speeds hastily into the digital age, that experience will become even more rare and valuable. I want to be that publisher that gives people that kind of experience. I don’t care if I end up on the losing end of the financial stick. It was never about the money for me.

I don’t need to further explain myself. Those who don’t understand this never will. But those who understand it will understand perfectly. I’m not here to sway anyone to my way of thinking. I’m just laying out my publishing company’s reason for being.

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