Saturday, November 9, 2019

Attending Conventions

I think I need to write about comics conventions and my somewhat limited participation in them. This year I am involved in two conventions. The first has already come and gone (SuperManila) and the second is later this month, Komikon. I wish I could attend many conventions in one year, but my health isn't very good anymore, plus the fact that I'm a registered PWD (Person with Disability), I simply cannot attend that many conventions anymore. I have decided to attend only one a year and that is Komikon in November. I said yes to Supermanila because I feel a close friendship with Comic Odyssey owner Sandy Sansolis. He understands my situation, and he bends over backward to make it very easy for me to attend. He pays for my accommodation, my transportation and takes care of everything else. It takes months of preparation to attend a convention so I just can't attend something you invited me to the following week. It's just not possible.

What do I mean by "preparation"? I mean that since I have poor health, I make sure I'm feeling my best when the time of the convention comes. I make sure to eat right and exercise the months before the event. I make sure all my blood tests show the best results. I make sure with my doctor that I'm in tip top shape by the time of the convention. And because of my physical condition, I can no longer ride public transportation. The trip will exhaust me, if not kill me. So I have to spend at the very least 4K to rent a van back and forth from San Pablo to Manila. Sandy took care of that for his event. I would also need accommodation because I can't go back and forth in one day from home to Manila and back. The trip would exhaust me. I need to stay a night at least in Manila, specially if the event will take all day. Sandy also took care of that, booking me at a nearby hotel near the venue. I don't ask the same from Komikon because they're not a for profit event. I have great affinity for Komikon because they're organized by my peers and I practically grew up with them in this industry. Nevertheless, they too make it a point to make it easy for me, specially when it comes to paying for my table and for putting me in a spot that wouldn't stress me out too much.

Now if you're an organizer and would like me to attend your event, you now know what to do. And one thing you can't do is invite me today for an event that's happening next week. You have to give me months to prepare, plus the other things. Now if you think this is such a hassle and you don't want to deal with someone like me, then by all means don't invite me. It's OK. There are plenty of healthy comics pros to invite without much hassle. Also, I don't attend conventions that are organized by groups with political or religious agenda. Or any kind of agenda that I don't agree with. I really don't want to get into that too much, but I thought I'd just throw it out there.

Friday, October 18, 2019

My Schedule at SuperManila

SuperManila, the uber-convention thing that I'll be going to starts tomorrow. But I won't be there tomorrow. Here is my schedule:

Saturday: 11am to 6pm
Sunday: 11am to 3pm

I'll be situated where the other Balete guys will be. It's a whole section so you really can't miss it. I'll be selling ELMER, Dead Heart: July 16 and Bakokak.

I'll also be selling a bunch of original inked art from various books I worked on. I'm also accepting offers in case you are interested in buying all the original inked pages from X-men #1 as a set.

See you guys there!!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Super Manila 2019

This blog post is dedicated to Chun Man. Thanks for writing to me and asking how I am and for asking me to continue writing in my blog.

First of all, I would like to announce that I'll be attending Super Manila, a convention event, part of which is reunion with my old Balete Drive studio buddies Whilce Portacio, Leinil Yu, Ed Tadeo, and Gilbert Monsanto. This is going to be next week.

It will also be a signing event for X-men #1, on which Leinil Yu and I worked on. Pretty excited about this one because the writer, Jonathan Hickman, is pretty awesome. The two X-series he wrote as a prequel to X-men, House of X and Powers of X, have been INCREDIBLE.

I'll make sure to announce this event at my other social media hangouts. Too many people have come to me at signings saying "Oh, I wasn't able to bring my copy of ___________ I didn't know you were coming." I don't want to hear that anymore! haha! So I'm announcing it widely and loudly! Bring your Elmers, Wasteds, Rodskis and so on!

As of this writing, I'm already inking X-men #3. A few people have offered to buy the original artworks to X-men #1 as a whole set. I thought wow, that would be great. In that regard, I'm also offering X-men #2 as a set, and every issue after that. After maybe a few months and nobody has shown any interest, then I'll most likely sell them by page. Stay tuned to this blog for updates!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Fourth San Pablo City Comics Festival INFO

P20 Entrance Fee
P10 For Students


Guest list and table arrangements:


Also signing at the event is International artist Leinil Francis Yu (X-men, Avengers)!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

What an Amazingly Miserable Year 2018 Was. And continues to be....

It's time again for one of my year end review things. Health wise, it's been generally good the entire 2018, punctuated by horror and near death. You don't remember the good things, it's the bad things, specially if they're horrible, that will stay with you.

My dad passed away in February. I don't feel like I'm ready to talk about that. But since my mom had passed on back in 2014, 2018 marks the year I officially became an orphan. When I started making Elmer in 2006, my heart was still full of fear of losing my parents. That actually reflected in the plot of Elmer #1. That entire issue was me expressing my fear of losing my parents. Flash forward to February 2018, I guess I had grown stronger and more mature and I was able to handle it really well.

I was in and out of the ER towards the end of April until I was finally admitted in early May for bloody ulcer. It took a while to diagnose it, so I had been slowly losing blood and steadily getting weaker. Transfusions couldn't keep up with the blood loss. That last night at home I was so weak I thought I was gonna die. I had no idea that I was that close to dying if I had waited much longer. It took Ilyn to iron will me to the hospital. I couldn't walk, literally. They had to carry me. Ilyn saved my life that night. I'm eternally grateful to her. After medications, I started to get better and I was out of the hospital a week later. It took a long time to recover at home. About a month. That's why I wasn't able to ink Captain America #2. My old buddy Leinil Yu really stepped in with help of all kinds. We've known each other for so long. We had fought, we hung out. I watched his concerts. He attended my comics events. I never realized I would be meeting a friend for life. Thanks man. You're the best.

After I got better from my ulcer, everything started to generally get better. I was fearful of the holiday season and the change of weather because that usually brings sickness for me. But in spite of the many activities, meetings, komikons and so forth, I didn't get sick at all. Well, 2018 just won't let me go without a last hit. A few days before the end of 2018 I got fever and I still got fever and I don't know when I'm going to get well from this. On top of this my left foot started hurting really bad. My knees already hurt, my damn left foot had to join the fucking party. I might be admitted tomorrow, depending on my doctor so just in case I do get admitted, I won't be around to write this on New Year's Eve like I usually do.

The good things I can talk about in this post is I found out who are the friends I can truly count on and they're so few. I will treasure them forever. I also have a new comic book out: "Dead Heart #1" which seems to be doing well. And of course, Ilyn is such a gem. She has truly fulfilled her promise of "through sickeness and in health, for richer or for poorer". There's nobody, nobody I'd be willing to spend the rest of my hopefully long life with.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Original Art Price Adjustment

I have an ongoing Original Inked Art for sale page which can be found here:

I'm pretty much letting go of all my original inked art. I cannot possibly put them all in the gallery so if there's anything you're looking for, please email my agent (and wife) Ilyn at

For a long time I have offered my pages at a very low price range. Low compared to how pages like this are sold in the US. Many pros have already informed me that I'm selling my pages too low and I reasoned that I really am selling these at those prices so Filipinos can better afford them. Most of those who are buying my pages lately are from outside the country though, and my original reasoning doesn't really make much business sense, in hindsight. I'm happy to have shared a lot of my pages for inexpensive prices for many years, but I think it's time to adjust my prices to reflect the real value of these pages.

I do have to thank all those who have bought pages from me in the past. Your business has been very much appreciated.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Funko, Johnny and Me

I only have one Funko Pop Toy. And that's the Jollibee one. I mean, what red blooded Filipino wouldn't be tempted to get one? Very few I'm sure. I mean, it's JOLLIBEE. One day people will try to explain why that answer is enough.

But as I said, I only have one Funko Pop Toy. I'm not really a fan. If I can avoid it, I will. Why? It's all tied up with memories of my old pal Johnny, who passed away years ago due to a tumor in his brain. He was a big Funko Pop fan. Every time there was a new release, he'd go crazy over it. I would hear him talk about it and I'd just shrug my shoulders. If he's happy, then I'm happy.

And then he got sick. It had come upon him slowly. Not being a fan of Western medicine, he really didn't consult with a doctor until the tumor started giving him strokes. And those little explosions in his brain slowly chipped away at this memory. Jonas and I visited him a couple of months after Johnny had somewhat disappeared from the radar. He had stopped posting on Facebook and we started to get worried. We visited him and we saw that the sickness had already taken its toll. He was very thin and he was struggling to remember things.

Jonas mentioned to Johnny that there was a new batch of Funko Pop toys at Comic Odyssey. Normally, Johnny would be excited at the news but he just furrowed his brow, struggling to remember. "Funko?" he said, as if he didn't know what that was. A moment later, I realized that he had completely forgotten. After a long time he said, "Ah.....!" as if he remembered, but it was gone again.

Jonas and I would visit Johnny one more time before he finally passed. By then we really couldn't talk to him anymore.

I still miss Johnny.