Friday, November 3, 2017

Website Redesign

I've got a little bit of time to work on my website these past few days. I've set up a couple of online shops but more importantly, I brought back my "About" page as well as my "Portfolio" page, links to which you can see above.

My "About" page describes pretty much who I am and what I do, along with a list of things I have accomplished in comics. It's a pretty long list! I actually surprised myself exactly how much stuff I've done in my comics career. But I've been at it for 25 years after all.

My "Portfolio" page is pretty much straightforward. Just a straight gallery of some stuff I've done over the past few years. I'll be adding stuff to this once in a while.

My old blog presents quite a bit of a problem. I've written so much articles since 1997 that I'm just overwhelmed thinking about collecting them all in just one place. At the same time I'll feel bad if I lose them because they do represent a significant portion of my life. One at a time, I guess.

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