Friday, September 22, 2017

Elmer, 3rd Printing

Before Bakokak, there is the matter of the 3rd edition/printing of Elmer. The first edition was published by me through Komikero Publishing in 2009. When it ran out and I didn't have money to reprint, National Book Store stepped in and helped publish Elmer from 2011 to 2016. Now the publishing rights have returned to me and now I'm publishing it again via Komikero Publishing.

The rights situation of Elmer is a bit complicated. I have the right to publish Elmer in any language, but only here in the Philippines. I cannot sell the English version (which is the current Komikero version) abroad. That's because the International English language publishing rights belong to my US Publisher, SLG.  SLG also holds all English language publishing rights to digital editions.

My French publisher, Éditions çà et là, has the French and European languages publishing rights.

Whew, now that's over, I'm glad to say that Elmer is now back with me, at least here in the Philippines. I missed Elmer under my tutelage. The first thing that happens now is a signing I'll be having tomorrow at the Komikero Komiks Museum. I really hope it doesn't rain. It's always been raining after lunch the past few days. I hope it doesn't, so it won't be so difficult for those who want to come. I plan on sketching on every single copy that people get. It's the least I can do for the effort people will take to go all the way to San Pablo.

Those in Manila don't need to go though, because I'll be at Komikon 2017 on both days, although I won't be staying for the entire day. It's likely that on Saturday, I'll be there from 10 in the morning until around 11:30am. I'll take a break and come back around 1:30 or 2:00pm and stay until I get tired. On Sunday I'll only be at the table after lunch up until around maybe 5:30pm. There will be people manning the tables though, so there will always be someone there to sell Elmer, as well as Bakokak.

The 1000 copies of Elmer I had printed arrived today. There's really nothing like the smell of newly printed books to a comic book creator like me. Others may find the smell weird, but I just love it. It smells like creation. The whole house smells like it now and it's just so nice.

I hope tomorrow would be a good day for me, physically. The way I'm feeling now, it would seem like it. I hope it just gets better!

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