Saturday, October 5, 2013

Leaving Tomorrow

We leave tomorrow for our two week trip! I’ve been so busy trying to finish an issue of Avengers as well as manage the various little (and big) concerns of running the house that I really haven’t paid full attention to our specific travel plans. Apparently, I made a mistake in reading our plane ticket. It’s not really an actual ticket but an e-ticket, printed out from a website. The formatting of the words and numbers is kind of confusing. Let me just say that if I had gone with my initial understanding of the ticket, the plane would have been long gone when we arrive at the airport.

Apparently, we don’t leave at 5:30 Monday morning, we leave hours earlier at 12:50am. That means we have to leave the house at 5pm on Sunday, that’s tomorrow. That’s a lot of contingency, but I want to be prepared because it is a Sunday and lots of people will be coming from the province to Manila. I expect lots of traffic.

We haven’t packed yet. Ilyn herself is busy finishing some more school work for her MAEd. I still have TWO Avengers pages to finish inking. So I guess it will be a very long night. I still have to get my haircut tomorrow. I can’t go off to the festival looking really scruffy.

I’m not sure if I will be able to go online during the entire time, but I guess I’ll find a way. I’ll most likely try to update Twitter a lot, as well as my page on Facebook. This blog, maybe not until I get back. But let’s see!

Right now, I just feel too tired to feel excited or nervous. Perhaps once the pages are done and we’re packing it’s all going to sink in.

All right, see you guys in two weeks!

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