We will be holding the Fourth San Pablo City Comics Festival on January 20, 2019 at Roño's Place, Lakeside Park Subd., San Pablo City. CHECK OUT THE MAP HERE. Doors open at 9:00am and closes by 6:00pm.

WHAT is the San Pablo Comics Festival?

It is a celebration of the Philippine comic book as a form of art, entertainment, education, and a recognition of a vast history of comic book creating by some of the greatest Filipino artists for almost a hundred years.

WHY San Pablo?

Chief organizer, Gerry Alanguilan, is based in San Pablo and holds great pride in his hometown. He not only wants to share his love for comics, but also his love for his roots.

WHAT can we expect from the festival?

There will be a vast array of comic book exhibitors featuring independent comic book makers and comic book publishers promoting and selling their self published comic books. There will also be exhibits of comic book art from the country's extensive history from 1929 to the present. There will also be comic book creation seminars featuring Gerry Alanguilan as one of the speakers.

Expect to discover a whole new world of NEW Philippine made comic books by some of today's best creators.

HOW much will be the admission?

P20 pesos entrance.
P10 pesos for students (just show your school ID)
Children 10 years old and below are free (provided they have adult supervision).

HOW do I get a table as an exhibitor and how much is it?

We will be in touch with you!

There will be only TWO requirements to get a table at the festival:

1. You must have at least ONE comic book (existing or new) that you will promote and sell at the festival.
2. Unfortunately, we will not allow merch that uses the Intellectual Property of other people/companies without their written permission. Why not try licensing? Each company (Disney, Marvel and DC) have websites with info about licensing. You can try contacting them. It can't hurt to try. If not, we do encourage you to create your own characters (this is one of the goals of our festival) and make your own merch out of them.

Create your own characters today and tomorrow they will take care of you.

What are these events like?

See for yourself! Here are links to our past Comic Book Festivals!

From 2009

From 2011

For any further inquiries, suggestions and other comments, please email

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